A Random Walking Noob



Walking Noobs spawn randomly around the map. They have a path-finding script, so they do not go onto the road unless they are forced to. They also have a hidden taxi icon above their heads, as well as the words "It looks like this noob doesn't need a ride..." As the words suggest, they cannot be delivered.


  • It is Impossible for these a Walking Noob to sit in a Taxi.
    • Trying to land a Taxi on the Noobs will result in them getting flung, or killed.
    • Trying to get a Wandering Noob to Get on the Seat by walking on it may not work.
  • They're local only
  • For some reason, on the Eighth of January 2017, one of them kicked The Weird Blue Circle Near The Spawn That Doesn't Work 20 times, making it work.

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