"When polluting the world is just too much"


Tree Taxi
Tree Taxi
Shop Price Only available during April Fools 2016
Ability Listed in Trivia
Health 100
Speed 247 sps (27.6 mph)
The Tree Taxi is a taxi that that looks like a tree.


  • The perks of having this taxi are: Being indestructible, giving out 10 times the normal money from NPCs (50 times the normal amount with Uber Gold gamepass), and allowing 4 to 8 times the normal delievry time for NPCs (8 to 16 times if Limo Taxi was equipped before April Fools).
  • This taxi has unlimted health due to it being indestructible.
  • There is a way to set the Tree Taxi on fire and turn it black, as I have seen David83335 do it to his tree. For now, it is unknown on how to set it on fire, but it might only be something David83335 can do.
  • This taxi was inspired by the Unofficial Taxi.

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