The Moon after the 2015 Halloween Event

"R.I.P. The Moon - A Really Long Time Ago - 2015"



The Grave and Button

The Moon was first introduced during the 2015 Halloween Event. It's located in the Place of Mystery, and as you can probably see from the picture, is a bit shattered that we tried to make it explode... On one of the pieces facing Earth is the last remaining button from the 2015 Halloween Event. On another side of the piece is a Grave (representing the Taxi of Teamwork) that says "R.I.P. The Moon A Really Long Time Ago - 2015"

During the 2015 Halloween Event

During the 2015 Halloween Event, players could travel to a place called "Secret Area" which housed The Moon before it was blown up. Their goal was to get the Taxi of Teamwork by getting 30+ players on the moon to stand on 30 buttons scattered around the moon. Having players stand on each button (They have to stay there) would make the screen go white, and send all the players back to Taxi Simulator - but not before awarding them the Taxi of Teamwork!


  • The button is still pressable - but it does nothing as there's still 29 missing buttons...
  • There was a glitch where if a player got off a button during the 2015 Halloween Event, it wouldn't be pressable again, making the Halloween Taxi insanely hard to get.