Taxi Themed Collectible Store Employee

"You look like you have some friends"


The Taxi Themed Collectible Store Employee stands behind... or in front... or beside... uh... Anyway, he stands next to a counter with a money register on it and has a map of the galaxy floating in front of him inside of the Taxi Themed Collectible Store. When interacted with, they say "Welcome to the Taxi Themed Collectible Store!" "This is the best shop in the galaxy for all your taxi themed collectible needs!" "You look like you have some friends that would be interested!" "Here, take this map! If one of your friends or really anyone wants to find some quality taxi collectible items just send them here." A map of the galaxy will then be put onto the player's arm. If interacted with again, they'll say "Show your friends... or anyone really!"


  • The map of the galaxy is actually just a picture of the galaxy with a circle around it.

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