RobloxScreenShot11052016 110602553

Spooky Island after the 2016 Halloween Event

RobloxScreenShot10082016 153249230

Spooky Island during the 2016 Halloween Event

RobloxScreenShot10062016 141903-205

The scary mob that comes here every hour

"The only real scary thing is the mob of people that come here every hour..."


Spooky Island is an event location and chances are, by the time you check out this page, it'll be gone. It's sand was replaced with a transparent green material, had a transparent green ramp and was floating above the ocean near the Police Station. It was here during the 2016 Halloween Event, and is a location used to get the Ghostly Taxi. It has one NPC and a Taco Cart with a green transparent umbrella.


  • You could not deliver an NPC here during the 2016 Halloween Event.
  • Mr. Newb's right. That mob really is scary.
  • In an early version when this was released, The island never had smoke particles.

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