RobloxScreenShot07022016 101839354

Single Player Valley During Day

RobloxScreenShot07022016 102022300

Single Player Valley during night

RobloxScreenShot07022016 102457241

Single Player Valley during Dawn

RobloxScreenShot07022016 102519482

Still dawn

RobloxScreenShot07022016 102926772

Single Player Valley during Dusk

RobloxScreenShot07022016 102938230

Still Dusk

Or SPV for short.

What it is

Single Player Valley (SPV) is a map for the game "Taxi Simulator: Brick Cars Edition" Only 1 player is allowed on a server, so it is single-player. (No invisible players!) It consists of 3 Locations and 3 NPC's, all of which are Noobs. It has a day/night cycle. During night, however, the buildings turn neon as if lights were turned on. At day, they turn off.


  • Max Engine Teleportation is disabled in SPV. (Yet somehow I teleported to Winner's Drive...?)