Roblox Taxi Simulator (Brick cars edition) Over Achiever's Lane10:07

Roblox Taxi Simulator (Brick cars edition) Over Achiever's Lane

The only footage of Overly Achiever's Lane (Thanks to the Maniac Wall Driver)

"Look familiar? It should."



The upgrade for the MCWT

This place. It's the SIXTH wall driver course, and probably the last. One person has beaten it legitimately. Like Champion's Boulevard and Victor's Avenue, it has a time limit. 1750 seconds, it is. Just like the other's except 100% hidden, you gotta take Guest 9015 to the end of the course. Like Victor's, it has 3 second lasers. It's Winner's drive + Master's road + Champion's Boulevard + Victor's Avenue + 3 jumps + Champs gaps. There is a total of 7 jumps and 2 Champs gaps. The audio is Uplifting Music - Judge Music ("Real" by Capo Productions)

After you win the challenge your MCWT will look like this.


  • There are floaty particles floating around this place, used to try and distract you from beating the course.
  • Unlike other places, the wall driver on this place has a fresh look.
  • The reward is an MCWT upgrade
  • The ending is same as the ending of Champion's Boulevard

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