What they are

Number buttons are Click-able buttons located randomly around the map. There are ones from 0-9. They are used to put codes in the David83335 tower's code panel.

Where they are

Button 0 is located on the bottom of the bridge maintenance hole's pillar.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 142843-538

Button 0

Button 1 is located on the side of a building located in a square of buildings on the Spawn side of the bridge.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 142824-496

Button 1

Button 2 is located on the end of a Traffic light on the Spawn side of the Bridge near the Taco Factory.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 142909-17

Button 2

Button 3 is located on the white thing on the top of the Gas Station on the Spawn side of the Bridge.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 150142498

Button 3

Button 4 is located in a crack between a building and the back of the David83335 tower.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 143027-698

Button 4

Button 5 is located in a corner in a square next to the Gas Station on the David83335 Tower side of the Bridge.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 143048-644

Button 5

Button 6 is located inside a building near the race track.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 143129-151

Button 6

Button 7 is located ontop of a Stadium light near the starting line at the Race track.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 150704799

Button 7

Button 8 is located above the 8 and first 3 in David83335 Tower on the David83335 Tower.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 150752230

Button 8

Button 9 is located in a bush on the Spawn side of the Bridge.

RobloxScreenShot06202016 150946819

Button 9


  • Button 6 used to be under the same building it is in now. But David83335 moved the building down, and it covered the button.

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