RobloxScreenShot06222016 111703557

The new years cake drop tower

Roblox Taxi simulator Cake drop04:40

Roblox Taxi simulator Cake drop

Only footage of the Cake Drop

What it is

The new years cake drop tower is a location in the game Taxi Simulator: Brick Cars Edition. It was added during an promotional event for the game entitled "Make a Cake: Back for Seconds!" It was there for a few days before it was out. The day it WAS opened, the Cake slowly slid down and down till it got to the bottom. At that time, Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! was opened.


  • Although many player's were expecting a Secret Taxi, there was none. Many player's were disappointed.
  • When the Cake got to the bottom, Cake particles came out of the side of the cake and a little doorway opened from the front.
  • Apparently, David83335 is going to turn the new years cake drop tower into a City. It is possible that this might be Robotics Island.

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