New Life Island

"Welcome to the Taco Trail!"


New Life Island is the biggest island to be added to Taxi Simulator ever. Like Split Island, The Island with a Hill and The Twin Islands donut, it was created by woodMrDolalan. It has 9 locations, and ??? NPC's. This island has narrow roads, and a big tunnel - it also has two roads that are dead ends because the bridges are under construction... It's connected to The Island with a Hill with a brand new bridge which is much like the one connecting the Island on the Spawn Side of the Bridge to the Island with the David83335 Tower, only instead of lights on the side there's street lamps. There's also Bridge Maintenance Stairs instead of a Bridge Maintenance Hole.


  • The reason this island is called "New Life Island" is because there's many houses for noobs to live in - new life