Roblox - Taxi Simulator Multiplayer Racing

Roblox - Taxi Simulator Multiplayer Racing

Multi-Player Taxi Racing

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Multi-Player Taxi Racing Lobby

What it is

Multi-Player Taxi Racing is a... um... Thing for the game "Taxi Simulator: Brick Cars Edition" It has two parts. One: The Multi-Player Taxi Racing Lobby which requires a total of 6 Players to join. Then there's Two: The actual Multi-Player Taxi Racing. It is a drag race. (Meaning a race just going forwards or backwards.)


  • Barely anyone plays Multi-Player Taxi Racing making it very hard to actually do it.
  • If you use the F1, you're Taxi will spawn side-ways most likely causing you to fail.
  • The skybox of the course is similar to the Master's Road and 100% Hidden.