Mr. Newb

Mr. Newb and his Taco Cart

"Welcome to Taco Island... Do you want to buy a Taco or something?"

Mr. Newb

Mr. Newb is a new NPC that currently stands around and says stuff to the player. He stands behind a Taco Cart with a Red Umbrella on Taco Island. There are 3 islands in total.


  • Mr. Newb is being payed to stand being a Taco Cart all day by Mr. Noob.
  • You can activate his talk by clicking him.
  • Before the Squidward Taxi was added, he used to say "Welcome to Taco Island... Do you want to buy a taco or something? Mr. Noob is only paying me to stand behind this all day, so I don't really care if you buy one. I don't know if this means there's going to be a boat or something in the next update..."
  • During the 2016 Halloween Event, he stood behind a taco cart with a glowing see-through umbrella. (More information on the 2016 Halloween Event page)

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