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Master's road

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Wall Driver Course Master's Road

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Wall Driver Course Master's Road

Master's Road

What is it

Master's road is the Second in five "Obstacle courses" described by other players to be "impossible." (It's not) It consists of random blocks connected to each other and so-called "lines" that, if you drive through while they are red, destroy your Taxi. To complete it, you must take Guest 9015 to "The end of Master's road" If you complete it, you unlock the Infinite Power Source Based Wall Driver. There is no time limit. Click here to go to the game page The audio used in it is Epic Game Music Or get the original version: Chaoz Fantazy


  • The "lines" change from green to red every 10.5 seconds.
  • Don't give up. You'll get it eventually.
  • If you get stuck, don't reset. There's a glitch where the "lines" won't destroy your Taxi. Just stop driving before it turns red.
  • Take. Your. Time. There's no time limit.
  • Got to the almost very end but got your taxi destroyed? DON'T RESET! Get to the end and get rockets, then go back to the start and do it again with the rockets. It just might be the thing you need to win.
  • When you get to the last part that looks like a tunnel, and you get the rockets, DO NOT FLY THROUGH IT. Instead, go under the tunnel.
  • The skybox of the master's road is actually the same skybox as 100% hidden and the Multi-Player Taxi Racing.