Guest 1337's 360 Taxi
Shop Price Unlockable
Ability Upsidown Flip rockets (T,G,U,J)
Health Currently Unknown
Speed  ??? sps (??? mph)


Guest 1337's 360 Taxi is an almost completely useless Default Taxi that Guest 1337 glued upside down Flip Rockets onto to make 360 Madness. Each flip rocket gives an incredible amount of lift, making this taxi very hard to fly... Each flip rocket has it's own button to activate it, the controls being T, U, G and J. It's given to you by Guest 1337 after you complete 360 Madness.


  • Although the rockets look like level 1 rockets, the rockets are actually indestructible and don't fall off.
  • The controls that are used to control the flip rockets are symmetrical to the flip rockets on the taxi. For example, J activates the bottom right rocket.