The following things on this page are located around the map. They're just not big enough to get their own page.

Trash cans

Trash Cans are destroyable/breakable items located randomly around the map. they reduce crash damage if you ram them instead of something else. they also can get stuck in your Taxi...

Taxi Imprints

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Taxi Imprint

These little taxi-shaped imprints are located in certain areas around the map. They mean that there is a hidden taxi unlockable nearby. (The one in the picture is no-longer used)

The little yellow box in The Bridge Maintenance Hole

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The Little yellow box in the bridge maintenance hole (David83335 game museum)

This little yellow box located in The Bridge Maintenace Hole is used to turn on/off the lights on the bridge in the game "Brick Cars". However, in Taxi Simulator, all it does is annoy people trying to find hidden taxis.

The Bridge

Technically, this is big enough to get it's own page. But I'm not gonna do that. The Bridge is a bridge connecting the Spawn Island to the David83335 Tower island. It has The Bridge Maintenance Hole in the middle of it.


Trees are destroyable/breakable things located on the long street connected to the start of the bridge next to spawn. They are in middle things called "mediums" (I think???) if moved, they create leaf particles.

Street Lights

Street Lights are again, destroyable/breakable items located between the trees on the long road connected to the bridge near spawn on the "mediums" They create little light.

Traffic Lights

Coming soon

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