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The Character effects of the Uber gold gamepass of richness

What they are

Gamepasses are buyable items that change in-game gameplay. They are buyable with RObux.

Custom Radio

"Have your favorite sound playing on your taxi's radio while you play the game" The Custom Radio gamepass allows you to put any ID into a certain place in the shop. Once done, respawn your taxi and it will play the audio of the ID you put in. It costs 43 RObux.

F1 racer taxi

"" The F1 racer taxi gamepass gives you access to the F1 taxi in-game selectable from the shop. It costs 50 RObux.

Double durability

"Makes you car able to be crashed 2x more than usual before exploding." The Double durability gamepass gives you taxi more health so it takes more damage to actually explode. It costs 50 RObux.

Uber gold gamepass of richness

"This gamepass does: Spray paints your character with gold, Gives you 5x money from people, Makes your taxi shiny, Gives your taxi 10x durability (20x with the double durability pass), and Makes other people in the game think you're a hacker. Golden player may bug the first time you join a server after buying this gamepass or after a save stats bug reset to fix this problem." The Uber gold gamepass of richness makes your character, hats, clothes and Taxi's golden and shiny. Having this gamepass makes noobs respect your taxi so much that they have no choice but to give you 5x more money, gives your taxi 10x durability (20x if you have the Double durability gamepass) and moddifys your walking sound effect. It costs 999 RObux.


  • Most characters you deliver with the Uber gold gamepass of richness taxi(s) say different things.
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