"Battery Powered!"


Electric Taxi
Electric Taxi
Shop Price Unlockable
Ability Brighter Headlights
Health 100
Speed 247 sps (27.6 mph)
ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Random Electric Taxi's Engine Explosion00:13

ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Random Electric Taxi's Engine Explosion

Electric Taxi's Engine Explosion Sound

RobloxScreenShot07202016 140536149

The Electric Taxi and regular Taxi's different headlights (Thanks to KidSmacker209 for his/her Default Taxi)

RobloxScreenShot07202016 141115673

Electric Taxi's Engine

The Electric Taxi is a taxi that has very bright headlights and an electric blue taxi tag. And the headlights are slightly more blue.


  • The old way to get it was to go to the race track during a thunderstorm, by standing on top of the stadium light with the Number Button 7 on it.
  • If you ram something with this Taxi, (A wall, for example) battery particles emit from it.
  • Instead of the regular exploding sound when the engine explodes, the Electric Taxi makes the sound the Portal makes when it spawns.

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