Special NPCs are special characters that are different than other characters in some way or another.. Some may give taxis, some may look different, etc.

Name Location Special Attribute #1 Special Attribute #2 Notes
Glowing Noob End of the world Motel Glows -- Has a max tip of $50
Guest 1337 360 Challenge Gives special rockets -- Sister of Guest 9015
Guest 9015 Most challenges Gives special taxis -- Brother of Guest 1337
Mr. Noob Mr. Noob's Taco Cart Gives his own taco cart Wears a fake mustache Rival of the Pizza Delivery Guy
n00b 9015 The Alley Near The Spawn -- -- Changes name constantly
Noob Beard Noob Beard's Dock Asks to go to islands Needs the Water Taxi to deliver him --
Pizza Delivery Guy Builder Brother Pizza Restaurant Gives the Pizza Taxi -- Rival of Mr. Noob
Poor-o-Mart Employee Poor-o-Mart -- -- --
Prisoner Police Station Gives the Criminal Taxi -- --

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