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"That thing that's connected to a pedal in a car that makes your car stop"

What they are

Brakes make your car stop upon pressing S. There are 5 buyable levels. Each level increases your Taxi's stopping power.

Level 0

Stuff that makes your Taxi Stop upon pressing S.

Level 1

Better Brakes. If equipped, they will stop your taxi 25% faster than the plain ol' boring brakes that make your Taxi stop. They costs 100$ and are unlocked at Shop level one.

Level 2

Super Brakes. "Still not satisfied with your stopping Time? Try buying these!" They cost 175$ and are unlocked at Shop level one.

Level 3

Uber Brakes. "If you're still not stopping quick enough these might be able to help!" They cost 300$ and are unlocked at Shop level two.

Level 4

Maximum Brakes. "These brakes will stop you with maximum stopping power!" They cost 500$ and are unlocked at Shop level 3.

Level 5

??? coming soon

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