One of the Banner Planes


Banner Planes are planes that have banners attached to them. They fly around somewhere around the level of the roof of the David83335 Tower. The banners have words on them, and sometimes a picture or two. Currently there are 3 banners, and they say: "Free Parking! Look for the sign on New Life Island!" - "Eat Mr. Noob's Tacos!" - "Spent all your money on gas? Come to the Poor-O-Mart! We sell stuff cheaper than overpriced gas!" The planes themselves are random colours.


  • Banner Planes were in a very old version of taxi simulator, saying "Message David83335 with 80 robux to get your ad here!" But were removed.
  • The planes were scripted to turn when they ran into the David83335 Tower, this means that you cannot ride them, as if you touch them, they turn.