The entrance to the 83335 Apartments


The inside of the 83335 Apartments


One level above the first floor in the 83335 Apartments


The outside of the 83335 Apartments

"Not so permanently unfinished"


The 83335 Apartments was completed in the 2017 April Fools Event. It's twice the size of the unfinished version, has 2 floors apparently and has fancy lights. Unfortunately, it could not be entered through the door. Inside is a desk with a computer that has a ROBLOX link to Brick Cars Behind the desk, an old version of David83335 sits. To his right are some stairs that lead to the roof. Literally.


  • Apparently, there is a game with the inside of the apartments that David can teleport you to with the Dev Console.
  • The ROBLOX link is an old ROBLOX link
  • Unfortunately, there are still invisible bricks inside...