One small step for ROBLOXian, one giant leap for Mr. Noob's Tacos!

One day, I was playing with Vincentl9, pupswarcraft, lancestuffylans, probably HaxxorInvinity and possibly jimmy5200 during the 2015 Halloween event.

We were playing cops and robbers, me, Haxxor and jimmy being robbers. Here's how we played:

If you were a robber, you had to get to The Alley Near The Spawn. I think.

If you were a cop, you had to "catch" the robbers by touching them.

So, here's my story: As I said, I was playing with the previously mentioned people. I was in a taco cart, Haxxor I think was in a default, jimmy was in junker. We were at the police station, the cops at some other place. Once the game started, we took off with a short head-start. Shortly after, Haxxor got caught by lance. pups was chasing jimmy, shortly accompanied with lance. I was being chased by Vincent. I ended up at The Gas Station on the Island with the David83335 Tower, Vincent following close behind. I went into the corner, stupidly, and my taco cart flipped over! I jumped out, but not before Vincent touched me and I was "caught". But, determined to get away even though I lost, I respawned my Taco cart and took off! Propelled by Rocket Propulsion, I was going at a dangerous speed. I drove my Taco Cart to the bridge, Vincent some-what far behind. At this time, jimmy got caught. I kept driving across the bridge until, at the middle, my taco cart flipped! "Oh no..." I thought to myself. I knew that if I didn't respawn my taco cart, I'd get caught, even though I already lost. But I wasn't about to let that happen. I held W, causing my taco cart to spin in continuous circles. Vincent caught up to me, very shortly followed by pups and lance from the other side of the bridge. Each of them, I imagine, was the same distance from me. pups on my left, Vincent on my right and lance on my back, I was trapped. But I still didn't give up! I kept holding W, my taco cart gaining speed continuously going in a circle, the cops started closing in on me. I thought for sure I was gonna get caught... But no! I didn't! My taco cart suddenly sprung into the air! It took a few seconds for me to realize what happened, and I realized that the horizontal propulsion that my rockets were giving my taco cart was getting turned into vertical propulsion. As soon as I understood what was happening, I said to the cops "Try and catch me now! >8D" "wut" said pups in reply. I managed to keep holding W as I typed it, so that I wouldn't fall and either die or get caught. But... I forgot it was during the 2015 Halloween event! I then got teleported to the moon.

The end.

This is a true story.