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• 6/7/2018


Whenever I get out of my taxi my game freezes up and I have to close the game does anyone know how to fix it?
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• 2/19/2018

Inside the Taco Factory???

I was messing around with my taxi, but then I glitched into the Taco Factory. It's actually interesting what's inside.

Edit: I figured out you can enter the factory by walking in through the front door, soo... I just found a way to glitch myself.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/23/2017

Bumpers need to go - post your support!

Bumpers. 00:33 ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Random BUMPERS ARE EVIL Video proof So I got past the 2nd jump on Victor's, AND THIS HAPPENED (it's a bit dark, so either make it brighter or sit up in your seat) The main source of evil in taxi simulator.
Even worse than Guest 9015!
For too long, bumpers have killed wall drivers with their bounciness, stick-out-i-ness, and other!
It's time we do something about it!
We must get David to understand that bumpers are truly evil and betray us, torture us and even kill us!
So, friends, reply to this post with your _true_ tales of killer bumpers, and maybe David will finally understand!
Here's one of my stories
So one day, I was doing Master's, and near the start at that wedge-like brick, I knocked my bumper off. But I lived. Sounds good, right? Not exactly. Now, this time, I happened to get pretty far in Master's, which was really good for me at the time. But then, JUST RANDOMLY, MY TAXI WENT KABOOM FOR NO REASON!!! I was like "What?!??!" So I looked around, and... Yep, you probably guessed it, my BUMPER was in a line!!!
That's just one of the many tales of how bumpers kill people, but it's true.
Post your support!
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• 12/6/2016

One small step for ROBLOXian, one giant leap for Mr. Noob's Tacos!

One day, I was playing with Vincentl9, pupswarcraft, lancestuffylans, probably HaxxorInvinity and possibly jimmy5200 during the 2015 Halloween event.
We were playing cops and robbers, me, Haxxor and jimmy being robbers. Here's how we played:
If you were a robber, you had to get to The Alley Near The Spawn. I think.
If you were a cop, you had to "catch" the robbers by touching them.
So, here's my story:
As I said, I was playing with the previously mentioned people. I was in a taco cart, Haxxor I think was in a default, jimmy was in junker. We were at the police station, the cops at some other place. Once the game started, we took off with a short head-start. Shortly after, Haxxor got caught by lance. pups was chasing jimmy, shortly accompanied with lance. I was being chased by Vincent.
I ended up at The Gas Station on the Island with the David83335 Tower, Vincent following close behind. I went into the corner, stupidly, and my taco cart flipped over! I jumped out, but not before Vincent touched me and I was "caught".
But, determined to get away even though I lost, I respawned my Taco cart and took off! Propelled by Rocket Propulsion, I was going at a dangerous speed. I drove my Taco Cart to the bridge, Vincent some-what far behind. At this time, jimmy got caught.
I kept driving across the bridge until, at the middle, my taco cart flipped! "Oh no..." I thought to myself.
I knew that if I didn't respawn my taco cart, I'd get caught, even though I already lost.
But I wasn't about to let that happen.
I held W, causing my taco cart to spin in continuous circles. Vincent caught up to me, very shortly followed by pups and lance from the other side of the bridge. Each of them, I imagine, was the same distance from me. pups on my left, Vincent on my right and lance on my back, I was trapped. But I still didn't give up! I kept holding W, my taco cart gaining speed continuously going in a circle, the cops started closing in on me. I thought for sure I was gonna get caught...
But no! I didn't! My taco cart suddenly sprung into the air! It took a few seconds for me to realize what happened, and I realized that the horizontal propulsion that my rockets were giving my taco cart was getting turned into vertical propulsion. As soon as I understood what was happening, I said to the cops "Try and catch me now! >8D" "wut" said pups in reply. I managed to keep holding W as I typed it, so that I wouldn't fall and either die or get caught. But... I forgot it was during the 2015 Halloween event! I then got teleported to the moon.
The end.
This is a true story.
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• 7/2/2016

Strange Parking Locations

One: Atop a Traffic Light One
Two: On the Pizza Sign Two
Three: Inside the David83335 Tower Three
Four: Atop a Tree Four
Five: On a Stadium Light Five
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• 7/10/2016

Bugs, Glitches and Things you shouldn't be able to do

Seat glitch: Mostly done when lagging. You can't sit in your seat properly.
Fli, fli glitch: Random occurance.

00:12 ROBLOX Taxi Simulator dem glitches doe-0 Fli, Fli glitch Double Taxi: Random occurance. (I think) Pretty sure it only happens on Champion's boulevard.

03:08 Roblox Taxi Simulator Champions wut happend m8's-1 Double Taxi glitch
NPT (Non-Playing Taxi) glitch: Occurs when NPC's get back inside your Taxi after you deliver them.00:12 ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Dem other glitches doe NPT glitch Round and Round goes the Taxi: Not sure what makes this glitch occur.

Transparent Taxi: Random Occurance. Happens when you zoom out. Transparent Taxi Glitch (also works with character)
Out-of-place Wheels: Random occurance. Out-of-place Wheels glitch Out-of-place Wheels glitch Ghost Particles: Happens randomly after a wheel of your car touches a certain brick (Can be done with the bricks of the Golden Wall Driver)

Shop block break: Not sure what makes this occur. Changes the floor of your shop level. (Happened as I bought Shop level 4) Shop block break glitch Shop after Shop block break bug stopped ==Things you shouldn't be able to do, but you can==
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• 7/17/2016

Top 5 ways to troll people

Number 5: Shop Trolling!

Number 5 Number 5 01:27 ROBLOX Taxi Simulator How to get into the Shop How to get to the Shop NOTE: It is called Number 5... I changed the name but this WIKI page didn't update.

Number 4: Rekt people's Taxi's with the Grave/Halloween Taxi

00:59 ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Top 5 ways to troll (Number 4) Number 4
Number 3: Leave your car in the middle of one of the bridge's roads. (Recommended to do with Limo)00:39 ROBLOX Taxi Simulator Top 5 ways to troll (Number 5) Number 3
Number 2: Teleport people with max engine (will add video when I get it)

00:29 ROBLOX Taxi simulator Top 5 ways to troll people (Number 4) Number 1 Number 1: Crush people's cars!
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